Buckley Service Pricing

Internet Service 

20/2 Mbps - $50 per month

100/5 Mbps - $60 per month

200/10 Mbps - $70 per month

equipment fee - $5.00 per month

DVR HD Set-Top Box - $25.00 per month

Non-DVR HD Set-top Box - $20.00 per month 

additional HD Set-top boxes - $10.00 per month

Conxxus Video Equipment Service Charge


video service requires at least one set-top box 

Content Cost

Basic Content Pass-through Cost - $22.00 per month

Standard Content Pass-through Cost - $72.00 per month

Preferred Content Pass-through Cost - $85.00 per month

Conxxus provides the equipment (set-top box) so customers are able to purchase their television programming content.

All television programming costs are passed on from Conxxus directly to the customer.  

(Video content pricing can fluctuate; additional costs for content will be passed on to the customer)

Premium Content

Cinemax Content Pass-through Cost - $10.00 per month

HBO Channels Pass-through Cost - $17.00 per month

Showtime Pass-through Cost - $10.00 per month

Starz Pass-through Cost - $10.00 per month

Phone Service

Unlimited local and long distance - $20.00per month

with Called ID & Call Waiting

*$40.00 per month for phone service only

Other Service Charges

Install Fee - $35.00

Paper Billing - $5.00 per month


monthly discount if you add video or phone to your Internet service

total invoice

$10.00 OFF 

total invoice

$15.00 OFF 

monthly discount if you have phone, Internet and video